Stagecraft Arts (Grades 5+)

This class is for students interested in working behind-the-scenes in theatre as well as those who love to perform on stage.

Using material that is specific and relative to teens and high-school youth, students in this class will work alongside theatre professionals and experienced designers to explore various stagecraft arts including directing, casting, stage management, costumes & scenery design, and props & set building. As the production team, the students will collaborate to bring a shared vision of a musical theatre production to the stage featuring those students in the class who also enjoy being “in the spotlight”.

In the spring the students will also have the opportunity to join the production crew for our junior & intermediate students’ musical production, or they can join the cast as part of the ensemble! As a final project, students will create characters and develop a story-line, choose songs, write lyrics, and collaborate on choreography to build their own mini musical to present at the year-end event.

Grades: 5+

Fridays and Sundays, 2:30 – 4:30 pm