Courtney Best (Art I - Junior Art)

Courtney Best is a Sooke resident and was born and raised on Vancouver Island. Courtney has worked with different mediums from a young age, exploring watercolors, acrylic and oil painting, charcoal, clay, india ink, photography, and more. She has attended art classes at Vancouver Island University.

Inspired by books and nature, Courtney loves to weave her artistry with these themes. She is an avid reader and is keen to share her passion for expression and storytelling with her students. You can find Courtney in the forest, hiking, foraging or identifying plants, or on a local beach enjoying the waves. She is influenced by the natural beauty we are surrounded by and loves to focus on details such as the structure of fungi, or the colours on a leaf.

Courtney has worked in the Sooke School District as an educator since 2018 and brings her passion for exploration and learning to Amber Academy for her first year as an instructor here.