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Your support and contributions will help fund music, materials, equipment and supplies for our program. Your generous donation will give young people the opportunity for positive social and personal development, and help them to become confident, productive and healthy adults.
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The Cory Monteith Legacy Project

Cory was a beautiful and talented artist who died tragically in July 2013. Cory always did everything he could to help other people. He especially dedicated his time to help at-risk young people to find purpose and happiness in their young impressionable lives; particularly through music and the arts.

Cory's memory remains alive through those whose lives he touched. The Cory Monteith Legacy Project is supported by Cory's mother and serves to provide children with opportunities to discover their strengths and potential through the arts and to help them find their place in the world.

You can help continue Cory's legacy. Your generous donation will be used to purchase a van that so that we can ensure students without transportation are able to get to our after-school program safely and to shuttle students and equipment to performances.
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